My two baby central-American banded geckos.

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Just remember, if you ever hate your job…

that is not where i thought this was going

Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, takes notes during an event at Parliament in Montevideo, Uruguay, September 17

"Veganism is not about vegans. Vegans are people with all sorts of good and bad points. But that says nothing about veganism. Vegans are often the messengers of veganism, but don’t confuse the two. Veganism is the understanding that animals value their own lives and bodies, that animals have an interest in continuing their existence and avoiding suffering and that animals have the right to be treated with respect and justice and not to be treated as property. The logic of veganism stands independent of any individual vegan person."

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"When I say I want to travel I don’t mean I want to stay at resorts and go on tours with tour guides or buy key chains from souvenir shops. I don’t want to be a tourist. When I say I want to travel I mean I want to explore another country and become part of it. I want to discover small coffee shops in Germany and Italy and France. I want to walk on beaches in Australia and browse the book stores of England. I want to hike the Great Wall of China and go cliff diving in Hawaii I want to meet people who are not like me, but people who I can like all the same. I want to take pictures of things and places and people I meet. I want my mind to be in constant awe of life on earth. I want to see things with new eyes. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places I’ve been to the things I’ve seen and the people I’ve met. I want to come home and realize that I have not come home whole but have left a piece of my heart in each place I have been. This, I think, is what is at the heart of Adventure and this is why I plan on making my life one."

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disney animations + broadway productions

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"Chuck a u’ey"

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Peter Quill saved a planet through the power of dance and friendship and basically if you hate him you hate happiness

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Wow Disney Channel has really expanded its dialogue.

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